18 March 2017


Child helping his father on the boat , Pak Ou Cave, Luang Prabang Laos, Dec 2016

With faith or without,
Diff’rences cause division
Same air we’re breathing.

Worst tragedy is when you meet a great person but he pushes you away just because your ideas, and/or faith are different!




Santorini, Greece Oct 2016

It was almost sunset.
Lovers were anticipating this grand beauty.
Santorini, one of the best sunsets in the world.
Most eyes were glued unto the sun’s spectacular show.
She couldn’t enjoy.
She turned her back against the show.
She watched her own shadow,
Slowly fading away as she walked towards the bus stop.
From the dirty glass window of the old crowded bus,
she said to her self, “This is another way of seeing the sunset.”
“Despite a little blocked by blotches of dirt and scratches,
It is still beautiful in its own way!”

She reached home and found the view she would rather see.
A sight much better than Santorini’s sunset.
The sight of her Love.
She gave him her tightest hug.
Lied down with him on the bed.
He slept back, while she looked at the empty ceiling before her.
Empty ceiling!

She let him into her life with hesitation.
She boxed her way out of logic.
She created this uncomfortable comfort zone.
Just for him and her to stay into.
It was a fairy tale land.
A location to be longed for.
However, a few inches away from this walled city, is a mess!
She knew. She denied.

The sunset dream was almost over.
When will she see her love again?
Few happy days were enough for her to fuel her love for him.
Far away they will be.
As always.
For who knows how long?
They hugged tightly, kissed and bid farewells.
He said, he didn’t like long goodbyes!
He literally rushed off.
Just like how she rushed to the bus stop to see him the night before.
She thought it must have been hard for him too.
She let him be.
She hoped to see him again.
She thought she would.
Only to realise the next day that his goodbye was forever.

You see,
She used to love sunsets!

23 Dec 2016


Tonle Sap Lake, Kampong Phluk, Cambodia 23 Dec 2016

Setting sun, rising.
Repeatedly moving sideways.
Escaping from the current state.
Gravity prevails all the time, though.
As soon as the movement stops,
reality comes back in.
The loneliness of trying to lose grip on something special.
The aches of trying to set something good free.
Pain, status, human, I am.


Freshly baked goodness, he disliked the taste.
The odious scent makes him vomit even from this distance.
Selfishly trying to deny to give these muffins a chance.
He didn’t want the world to know,
That he could be vulnerably pleased by something so simple.
He wanted things rough.
The texture of smoothness was disgusting to his buds.

The baker, so tensed and fearful,
She looked into this man’s eyes,
Somehow far yet connected.
That made him feel even more powerful.
The sight of her questioning eyes either repulse him,
Or it made him even more certain.
That these muffins are poison.
To his beliefs and to his mundane way of living.

He turned his back interrogating himself,
Why didn’t she offer her muffins to me?

While she turned her back almost teary.
The feeling of disappointment for a rejection such as that
Fueled her to acquire better recipes from all over the world.
And she swore to make the best baked muffins.
Not for him but for the next passerby!

Butterfly and stars


Negombo Beach, Sri Lanka

The butterfly looked up. So many of them, he thought.

“Are they watching over me?”
“Are they saying hello?”
“If I fly harder, will I finally touch them?”

He asked himself continuously.

“They seem so near but every time I try to reach them, exhaustion overtakes. I see them every night. They are my friends. No, I think, I love them. Do they know that?”

“I want them beside me. I want to tell them. I tried to shout at the top of my lungs last night, it seems that they didn’t hear me. I lost my voice. I cried like mad. Will my tears evaporate to heaven and reach them? Will they know?”

Up there, there’s this one star who’s watching the butterfly religiously. This particular butterfly caught her attention despite seeing so many every day. She taught, he has a heart. He knows how to try.

“I want to let gravity take over because I want to touch him.” She told herself.

The constellation, her family, like her mind, negate her strong urge to jump. If she does, she’ll lose everything especially he might have a tendency to just eventually fly away from her.

Tendencies? She wanders. It may or may not happen.

If she jumps and crashes on earth, there’s no turning back, no other choices. She knows that she will love the butterfly for a very very long time, yet will lose her self completely.

“This is suicide.” She whispered to the vast space.

The impeccable connection between the butterfly and the star is so strong that even without words, they can feel each others embrace and hear each others “I love yous”.

Are they misunderstanding each other or are the signals correct? Nonsensical friendship and love beyond universal explanation. It can only be construed by the two of them.

She can’t take it anymore. Every night she sees this persistent butterfly crying out loud. She can hear him. One night, she decided to dive. The butterfly saw a shooting star.

“Finally, he taught.”

He enthusiastically waited for this beauty to reach the ground.  She excitedly dived faster, exerting every effort she has to swiftly reach him. She crashed down to the ground, exploded and burned.

The butterfly flew close to her site. He flew around her for a few minutes. She wanted to tell him, that it’s her, the one he’s calling for every night but she didn’t have enough strength to say anything. Before she passed out, the butterfly flew away and joined the kaleidoscope. They flew away together, as usual.

After a night of merry-making, the butterfly then looks up the sky again and did the same exact thing he did last night….