28 October 2015


Underpass from United Square to Novena MRT

Looking down the path

Makes her cry with boredom.

Her eyes were glued downwardly,


She has forgotten to look up,

Peripherally, there’s more life.

Until someone tapped her shoulder

Then she changed her gaze.

Her eyes glistened.

She saw how beautiful the other views are

and how wonderful the person who brought her

back to real world was.

Suddenly, her pearls of pain turned into golds of happiness.

She will forever treasure the one who awakened her.


Cold water of truth woke her up

From a deep dream on her lover’s lap

Masked with sugar, sweetness and beauty

She almost tasted eternity

Suddenly a chilly sensation poked right through her veins

She bled profusely, the whole body’s in pain

What’s pleasing to the buds suddenly turned astronomically sour, then bitter

Beyond control, she started to puke and jitter

Ethereal joy, her heart like glitter

Turned mundane, crushed, scattered a hundred meter

Her tears started to flood the dreamland

The brewing best tasty connection ever turned bland

She wanted to stab herself again and again

To get immuned to the reality, for her to gain.

Unpredictability scares her but much more certainty

She now bathes in iced water of certainty and truth

She’s blinded yet aware that this will in a few minutes kill her

This will kill her…

This will kill her…