25 June 2017


Hari Raya Celebration at Eco Sanctuary Sunset  , Singapore

In between these two worlds. Society and you.
Tag of war; one side is winning. It should.
In between this so-called day and night.
They’re just part of continued hours.
My choice, though unfree.
The creature I have become.
The self I am bound to be.
Me, my sunsets, my life.
Part of me.



Yio Chu Kang, 20 May 2017

Lost in wilderness.
Unearthen this emptiness.
Lead and fill me, fire!

Your warmth calms me down.
Your presence, my sweet refuge.
Cold-hearted destroyer!

Morning question

I saw this yesterday morning:

(I wasn’t sure of their names) An ordinary bird watching a singing, beautiful bird in the cage. I wasn’t able to take a photo because I was rushing to work but it made me think , would you prefer to be an ordinary bird outside the cage, free but common or a perfectly bred one with sought-after looks and talents yet caged?

Never Enough


never enough

Mah Meri Cultural Dance at  Marina bay Area, April 16 2016

Reflection of the beautiful light

From the puddle of the muddy water

Are we looking at the same side of the earth?

No. I see the full moon, rich with possibilities.

You see a quarter, insufficient hope.

Whilst you are enough for me.

I am inadequate for you.

Indeed, love is never fair.




Around Marina Bay Area, Singapore, 9 March 2016


In the arms of death,

Possibilities are as clear as a starless night.

Space’s dark enough to start something fresh.

Time’s long enough to stitch melodies, tones and crests

Tears are never-ending, hydrating the soil that was long time dried.

Evil talks, like poetry, circling around.

Half of the body’s buried to the ground.

Pinch of hope is fear-eliciting.

Small dot of light turns to line then figure.

May enhance or absorb all sorts of vigour.

Life or death can not be predicted.

In the arms of death, the enemy.