Santorini, Greece Oct 2016

It was almost sunset.
Lovers were anticipating this grand beauty.
Santorini, one of the best sunsets in the world.
Most eyes were glued unto the sun’s spectacular show.
She couldn’t enjoy.
She turned her back against the show.
She watched her own shadow,
Slowly fading away as she walked towards the bus stop.
From the dirty glass window of the old crowded bus,
she said to her self, “This is another way of seeing the sunset.”
“Despite a little blocked by blotches of dirt and scratches,
It is still beautiful in its own way!”

She reached home and found the view she would rather see.
A sight much better than Santorini’s sunset.
The sight of her Love.
She gave him her tightest hug.
Lied down with him on the bed.
He slept back, while she looked at the empty ceiling before her.
Empty ceiling!

She let him into her life with hesitation.
She boxed her way out of logic.
She created this uncomfortable comfort zone.
Just for him and her to stay into.
It was a fairy tale land.
A location to be longed for.
However, a few inches away from this walled city, is a mess!
She knew. She denied.

The sunset dream was almost over.
When will she see her love again?
Few happy days were enough for her to fuel her love for him.
Far away they will be.
As always.
For who knows how long?
They hugged tightly, kissed and bid farewells.
He said, he didn’t like long goodbyes!
He literally rushed off.
Just like how she rushed to the bus stop to see him the night before.
She thought it must have been hard for him too.
She let him be.
She hoped to see him again.
She thought she would.
Only to realise the next day that his goodbye was forever.

You see,
She used to love sunsets!

Triumph of the ID


Red Beach ,Santorini, Greece,  Oct 2016

Uncoordinated, self-serving, instinctual needs are aspired to be grasped.
Almost immediate, delays impermissible.
ID is desired by the young.
Ego be fed with facts.
Superego ignored.
Iced and decorated with stability and consistency of the AMBIGUOUS.
Whether safe or unsafe, only time can tell.

Question remains, if he wanted her there,
Why didn’t he bring her there? Why didn’t he lead the way?
Instead, with guts exposed and bare,
The almost-metamorphosing creature was disposed.
Abandoned into the jungle of the unknown.

See, it isn’t long, not-so-lost unrequited love.
Love was never lost. It’s been discarded.
Bitter defeat of their so-called-love.
And a painfully sweet triumph of the ID.

Questions, Answers


Oxi Day, Athens, Greece, 28 Oct 2016

Can we go back to where we started?
Simplicity of these two,
Interrogations simmering into sweet embraces
Minds locked by some heavenly connections
Streaming like an endless river
Voiced and unvoiced rhythm
Music vibrating into the Being

The wanting is strong
Pillars of this wonderful love affair
Like how the roots are holding on to the soil.

Guts exposed
Closets opened.

Readiness to swim over the truths
To sway with the wind of reality
To love strongly despite it hurts

She is ready.
He isn’t.